In our school we provide daily maths lessons that seek to reinforce previous learning and allow children to learn new skills and apply these in a range of contexts.   

Reception and Year 1 follow the White Rose Mastery approach.  This approach allows very small steps of learning, so that understanding is fully embedded. 

Year 2 follow the program of study for maths from the National Curriculum.

In Nursery, maths is taught through small group, whole class and in 1:1 situations.  The children have access to mathematical activities everyday through games and resources either set up by the teacher or that are initiated by the children.  Staff make careful observations of the children to move their learning on.

The curriculum focuses on the following areas of maths:-

Nursery and Reception - Numbers and Shape, Space and Measures

Year 1 - Number and Place Value, Number - addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, Number - Fractions, Measurement, Geometry - Properties of Shape, Position and Direction

Year 2 - as Year 1 plus Statistics.

Our long term plans are as follows:-



Year 1

Year 2

There are lots of things you can do at home to support your child with maths.  Here are some websites that may be of interest to you:-