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Covid Catch-up

Covid Catch-up

Diss Primary Academy Catch-up Premium Spend 

DPAP Covid Catch-up Premium Spend

Pupil Premium

The Pupil Premium is an amount of money the government allocates to each school, to support all pupils to reach their potential. It is particularly aimed at pupils coming from disadvantaged backgrounds, who may also be in receipt of free school meals, in care or children who have a parent in the armed forces. In 2012 the government extended this to include all children who have ever been eligible to receive free school meals (ever 6).

We recognise that not all children who are in receipt of FSM are disadvantaged, and that not all children who classified as socially disadvantaged are registered or qualify for Free School Meals. We reserve the right to allocate pupil premium funding to any pupil or group of pupils that the school has identified as socially disadvantaged or vulnerable to underachievement.

 We regularly review our provision for all children, ensuring that funding supports any child that may be vulnerable, thus striving to ‘close the gap’ in attainment and ensure all children make good progress from their starting points.

To see if you are eligible please click the link shown: https://fiso.norfolk.gov.uk/synergy/Enquiries/Citizen/FreeSchoolMeals.aspx/

Our aims

Here at Diss Church of England Junior Academy we aim to provide Quality First Teaching in every classroom. This means that every child, regardless of their background will receive teaching which is differentiated and which allows them to make progress.

  • Teachers plan collaboratively linking learning in a thematic way to ensure engagement through exciting topic choice
  • Teachers differentiate in all areas of the curriculum to ensure that learning is tailored to meet the needs of the individual.
  • Pupil Premium children are identified on planning and will regularly have adult support within lessons. This support will be in the form of 1;1  support or within a small group and will come from the Class Teacher or Teaching Assistant.
  • Teachers mark books and give feedback on a daily basis, often within lessons, which allows individuals to make progress. Children are given time to reflect and review this learning.
  • Teachers set targets appropriate to the level of the child and these are reviewed regularly alongside the pupil.
  • Teachers are given opportunities for CPD in their subject leadership areas or whole school subject areas of development.

 In addition to this, teachers work alongside the SENCo and support staff to plan interventions, through use of a provision map, which supports specific areas of need.

Pupil Premium Strategy 2021-23

(including Covid Catchup)

Pupil Premium Strategy 2020-21

Pupil Premium Strategy 2019-20 

Ofsted Report 

Ofsted Report