Our School 


Ethos and Values 

"We promise to provide a happy and safe learning environment in which you can thrive.


We will trust you and show you respect and in return, we expect you to do the same for everyone in our community too.


We will include you and accept you for who you are and what you believe. Be true to your faith and show respect towards those who have different ideas.


You will be able to develop the ‘stickability’ (self-discipline and resilience) that you need and we will support you in becoming an adult who can make well thought-out decisions.

We will remind you not to say ‘I can’t do this’ … but instead to say ‘I can’t do this yet’, knowing that with practice and determination you can achieve your goals.


We expect you to do your best in your school work but we are just as interested in what you can achieve as a sports person; an actor; an artist; a scientist or a leader of others….the world is out there for you to explore. Aim high!


School doesn’t finish at three o'clock on your last day of term in Year 2. Learning is an activity for life, take every opportunity that comes your way."


Our School Day

At the moment our school day is set out slightly different to normal, please see below for times for our school day:

Year 1  Year 2 
8.45 Gate/Doors open 8.45 Gate/Doors open
9.00 Lessons 9.00 Lessons
10.15 Break  10.30 Break
10.30 Lessons 10.45 Lessons
12.15 Lunchtime 12.15 Lunchtime
1.15 Lessons 1.15 Lessons
3.15 End of the day - children brought out by teacher 3.15 End of the day - children brought out by teacher





OfSTED and Department for Education Links

Link to most recent OfSTED report - 24th May, 2017:



Link to Department for Education information:



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