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 Welcome to Reception!  We have two Reception classes, Maple Class and Rowan Class.

Maple Leaf Extract May Be Skin Care's Next Wrinkle-Fighting Ingredient:  Study | Allure                         Rowan tree facts and mythology | Trees for Life

The Class Teachers are Ms Budgen and Mrs Burson. Each class has a full time Teaching Assistant, Mrs Wyatt and Mrs Doe and the classes are supported by a full time SEN Teaching Assistant Mrs Partridge.

Our school day runs between 8.45am and 3.00pm. Lunch is between 12.00 and 1.00pm.

A typical day in Reception involves two morning and two afternoon whole class carpet sessions and throughout the rest of the day children free flow between the classrooms and outdoor area. The children experience personalised EYFS objective led teaching which focuses on the children's interests and their styles of learning.

P.E. days are a Monday and Wednesday. Children come to school on these days wearing P.E. kit, including trainers which do not have laces.  Please also remember to send your child wearing clean clothes every day. 

Our Summer first half term topic is What a Wonderful World.

We will be sharing stories and learning about different places, plants and animals. 

The children will continue their PATHS learning and have two PATHS sessions a week. 

Communication and Language and Literacy

We will be sharing and talking about stories and non fiction books such as My Bean Diary, The Tiny Seed, Shhh!, Jack and The Beanstalk, Billy's Bucket, Elmer the Elephant, The Leopard's Drum and Six Dinner Sid. 

The Tiny Seed: Amazon.co.uk: Carle, Eric: Books

The Tiny Seed

Shhh! Lift-the-Flap Book: Amazon.co.uk: Grindley, Sally, Utton, Peter:  9780340746622: Books


Jack and The Beanstalk: Christmas Panto | Live Family @ Lancaster Grand  Theatre

Jack and The Beanstalk

Billy's Bucket: Amazon.co.uk: Gray, Kes, Parsons, Garry: 9780099438748:  Books

Billy's Bucket

Elmer: 30th Anniversary Edition: 1 (Elmer Picture Books): Amazon.co.uk:  McKee, David: 9781842707319: Books


The Leopard's Drum Big Book: An Asante Tale from West Africa Big Books:  Amazon.co.uk: Souhami, Jessica, Souhami, Jessica: Books

The Leopard's Drum

Six Dinner Sid: Amazon.co.uk: Moore, Inga: Books

Six Dinner Sid


Personal, Social and Emotional Development 

We will be following our PATHS curriculum and learning about developing self confidence, giving ourselves compliments and talking about our successes in and out of school. We will be identifying advanced feelings such as love, worried, disappointed, jealous, furious, guilt and generous. We will be learning to apply strategies to cope with difficult situations after adult modelling and support. 

Physical Development

We have begun our PE lessons twice a week on Monday and Wednesday. Children need to come in P.E. clothing on these days, have hair tied back and jewellery removed. We will learn to kick and dribble balls around obstacles. We will listen to some Yoga stories and learn to make different shapes with our bodies. 


We will continue to subitise to 5 and 10. We will count beyond 20 and begin counting in tens to 100 from a single digit number. We will understand and learn about the composition of numbers to 10, including addition and subtraction facts to each number. 

Here is a link to a song to help you learn number bonds to 5. 

Number bonds to 5


Reading and Writing

Reading books are sent home every Monday and are returned each Friday. Our books have been selected to match your child's phonic understanding and the book they bring home is one they have already read in school with us. Please let your child share with you how well they can read this book. 

Collins Big Cat Reading Lions Phonics Level 1 6 Books Bundle Collection:  Amazon.co.uk: 9789444468737: Books

The children continue to practise letter formation every day in Handwriting and Phonics sessions. There are frequent opportunities to write independently and with adult support. 

Understanding The World

We will be learning about children who live in different countries. We will be finding out about special days such as St George's Day. We will be spending a lot of time looking at the plants and trees growing in our school grounds and identifying changes that have occurred throughout the year. 

Expressive Arts and Design

We will enjoy watching musical performances such as Elephants in the Custard performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra. The children will have continued opportunities to make and share their creations and engage in role play inside and outside. 

Elephants in the Custard



Autumn Term Second Half 

Our Autumn second half term topic is Starry, Starry Night. 

Communication and Language and Literacy

We will be sharing and talking about stories such as Mog and the VET, Owl Babies, Can't You Sleep Little Bear, Whatever Next and the Nativity story. Here are some links to some of these stories. 

Mog and the VET

Owl Babies

Can't You Sleep Little Bear

Whatever Next! - 5 to 7 Years - Childrens

Whatever Next

digital projected nativity stage backdrops for school performances

When Jesus Was Born

Personal, Social and Emotional Development 

We will be learning how to share and take turns when playing with others. We will learn about manners and why it is important to say 'please',  'thank you' and 'sorry'. We will follow the PATHS curriculum and talk about our class rules. 

Physical Development

We have begun our PE lessons twice a week on Monday and Wednesday. Children need to come in P.E. clothing on these days, have hair tied back and jewellery removed. We will learn to throw, catch and aim using different objects such as beanbags and balls. We will listen to some Yoga stories and learn to make different shapes with our bodies. 

We enjoy warming up to the Sticky Kids songs and actions. There are some links below to use at home. 

Warm Up! With The Sticky Kids by Sticky Kids, Sticky Kids: Amazon.co.uk:  Music

Sticky Kids


We will continue to learn how to subitize up to 5. We will learn the language of adding and subtracting 1 by using the terms "1 more" and "1 less". Please encourage your child to do this at home in lots of different contexts. When you are giving food to your child, ask "would you like 1 more?" Understanding 1 less is harder, so practice counting backwards from 10 to zero and teach your child that as the numbers get smaller, we are saying 1 less each time. If you have Duplo bricks at home, make staircases going up and down to help your child understand the "1 more and 1 less" concept. 

Here is a link to a useful website for teaching 1 more and 1 less. 

1 more and 1 less with number staircases

staircase counting frame for teaching one more and one less



 We will also be learning about the composition of 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 and beginning to learn the number bonds for each number. 

Here is a link to a useful website for helping you to teach number bonds at home. 

Ideas for teaching number bonds at home.

Reading and Writing

You should have received a letter about the reading books we will be sending home for your child to share with you. Make a special time for reading, snuggle up together and celebrate the sounds and words your child recognises. Take time to read stories at bedtime and other points during your day. Please see the Google Classroom for more information about how we form our letters and how to pronounce the sounds we teach at school. 


 Pyjamarama: celebrate the wonder of bedtime stories at home | BookTrustClose Up Of Father And Sons Reading Story At Home Together By  monkeybusiness¡¯s photos #Ad , #affiliate, … | Classic childrens books,  Childrens books, Kids learning

We will continue to send sheets of sounds and words home every Friday for you to add to your reading folder at home. Please try and practise these every day. 

Understanding the World

We will be learning about customs and traditions such as bonfire night, Diwali, Remembrance Day and Christmas. 


 Diwali - Wikipedia Banging Bonfire Night Firework Displays in London 2020 | Guy Fawkes Night  in London History of Christmas - HISTORY

 We are going to find out about animals and birds that come out at night time such as owls and hedgehogs and learn about hibernation and seasonal changes. 

We will learn about how to keep ourselves safe as the days get shorter. We will learn about road safety, using torches and being seen at night. 

Expressive Arts and Design

We will be looking at works of art linked to our theme. We will explore different role play and small world environments and enjoy making crafts and gifts for Christmas. We will learn to sing songs, play instruments and maybe get to perform a role in our Nativity story! 


 Starry Starry Night - Understanding the Lyrics to Vincent

Our Autumn first half term topic is Knowing Me, Knowing You

We will be getting to know each other and the adults in the classroom. We will be learning about how to keep ourselves safe and healthy by regularly sanitizing  and washing our hands. We will be investigating the different learning zones in the classroom and learning new vocabulary to describe the resources and equipment we find in the zones. We will be exploring our large outside area, learning to take turns with toys such as bikes and playing alongside each other when using equipment such as large construction. We will learn how to use tools such as glue spreaders, staplers and hole punchers in our Workshop zone. 


Communication and Language and Literacy

We will be sharing and talking about stories such as Goodnight Moon, Farmer Duck and Each, Peach, Pear, Plum. Here are some links to these stories. 

Goodnight Moon

Goodnight Moon: Amazon.co.uk: Wise Brown, Margaret, Hurd, Clement: Books

Farmer Duck

Farmer Duck: Amazon.co.uk: Waddell, Martin, Oxenbury, Helen: Books

Each Peach Pear Plum

Each Peach Pear Plum By Janet Ahlberg

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Children will be learning how to select and use resources independently, take turns and take responsibility for an area of the classroom to keep tidy each day. 


Physical Development 

Children will have opportunities to use outdoor equipment such as bats, balls, hoops, balancing toys and bikes. After October half term we will begin to have weekly P.E. lessons on Monday and Wednesday. Children need to come in P.E. clothing on these days, have hair tied back and jewellery removed. 



Children will will sing number songs and play counting games. We will learn to count sets and subitise numbers up to 5. We will compare sets and look at the composition of numbers up to 5. 

What is subitising?

What is subitising? | Oxford Owl - YouTube

Reading and Writing

Children will have a weekly sheet of letters and sounds to learn. Gradually, tricky words will be introduced and eventually we will send home a book to read at home. Please practise the letters and sounds every day. 

We will also have a daily handwriting lesson in school and children will be taught to write using the cursive script. Here is an example of how we write our letters. 



Understanding the World 

 We will begin to identify and compare features of our school and home environment. We will talk about how we have grown and changed since we were babies. We will talk about and share special events at home and in our community. 


Expressive Arts and Design

We will use the Creative, Painting, Workshop and Role Play Zones in the classroom to investigate different media, fixings, and ways of joining materials together to make models. We will use role play and small world environments to develop narratives and tell stories. 




 Every day we will be running PATHS sessions in class. This is a PSHE programme which empowers children to develop the fundamental social and emotional learning skills which enable them to make positive choices throughout life.

As part of this, each day there will be a Child of the Day. This is a randomly selected pupil who will receive compliments from their teacher, friends and themselves. At the end of the day, they will bring home their compliments to share with their family. We ask that you talk to your child about this and share your own compliments with them. 




 We will be posting Reception homework on our Google Classroom and you will shortly have a letter inviting you and your child to join the classroom. Due to the current Covid restrictions, we ask that homework is not sent in to school. Completed work can be uploaded to Google Classroom but this is not compulsory.


If you have any questions, concerns or queries please come and see a member of the Reception team. We are available in the Reception playground at the end of the school day or please arrange an appointment at the office if you require a longer meeting.











 The Tiny Seed: Amazon.co.uk: Carle, Eric: Books