Year 1 Summer Newsletter

Spring Term School Trip- The Sea Life Center

At the end of our topic ‘Under the Sea’ Year 1 went to the Great Yarmouth Sea life Centre. During our visit we got to explore lots of fantastic sea creatures and learn some scuba sign language. Please enjoy some of our photos from our school trip.

Naughty Noah

Amazing Jellyfish

The children created their own play dough sea creatures. 

Year One - Our parents came to 'stay and play'. 

In Year One we invited our parents to ‘stay and play’. We encouraged our children to share their learning with their parents across all areas of the curriculum. We explored oceans and continents by sharing the songs we have learnt and using an atlas to locate them. We played phonics games, sharing how we find the digraph or trigraph first before we read the words. We completed standard, commutative and inverse calculations using a range of manipulatives. We also programmed bee bots to navigate a map of the world and explored all areas of our classroom.




Our Topic - Under The Sea 

In year 1 this term, we are exploring `Under the Sea’.  We have been learning all about the five oceans and seven continents. We have been looking through Atlases and globes to locate where the continents and oceans are positioned in the world.  We are also learning about the causes and effects pollution has on our environment, specifically what happens to the creatures and their habitats in the ocean.



Year 1 Spring Newsletter 


Year 1 - Topic


In the Autumn term, Year One have been learning about 'Where does our food come from?' In Topic we were inspired by Carl Warner's foodscapes and recreated 3D models. Please have a look at our wonderful work.